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Please note! My Lexicon broke which means that I am unable to develop this program any more. If you want to take a lead, please do so and drop me a note. Thanks!

Leevi is an user interface for Lexicon MX300 reverberation device (and possibly other MX'es), similar what Lexicon ships along with their devices for Windows operating systems. Leevi works with POSIX compatible operating environments, like Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD and so on.

I've coded Leevi totally from scratch mainly for my own use, as I use Linux in my DAW and I got frustfrated to continuously change device parameters using those little nipples in front of the device.

Leevi is not a reverberation processor by itself. If you don't have this kind of device connected to your computer, Leevi is practically useless. But see Installation how to try Leevi without the reverberation device.

Leevi is heavily threaded and uses its own kind of graphical user interface which is a little bit heavier than those common ones, like Motif. Therefore it is recommended to run Leevi on host that has at least couple of CPU cores and a preferably fast display adapter with OpenGL accelerated windowing system. Every post-2005 workstation should be sufficient.