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  1. Writing data to device is not supported. Means that you cannot save effect settings nor take/restore backups from/to your device. There is one simple reason for that: as I don't understand device's USB protocol completely, I don't take the risk to broke either my own or someone else's device by releasing software that writes something in quite expensive device as 'seems to work, hope it is ok' basis.

  2. In some rare cases Leevi can detect effect settings incorrectly, and Leevi's display differs from device's display. For now there is no real cure for this problem, as USB protocol is reverse engineered and there are myriad of things that haven't been yet revealed. To get around this problem, you can select some other program to start with using your device's interface and restart Leevi.

  3. Do not use your device's interface to change effect settings while Leevi is running. Leevi does not automatically read any settings from the device (in other words, it does not poll the device) once it is started, so if you modify effect settings straight from the device Leevi becomes out of sync, and eventually your device hangs because it expects that data is synchronized continuously with the software.

  4. At the moment detection of compressor in left and right channel simultaneously does not work. Solution is not to use two compressors simultaneously. Work in progress.

  5. Changing effect in stereo mode and changing routing to/from stereo does not yet work. Work in progress.