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Prerequisities needed to successfully compile Leevi, you need runtime and devel packages each of these:

pkg-config is required for Makefile to find requirements listed above. But if for some reason you either don't have pkg-config or you don't want to use it, please modify Makefile to get rid of it, just replace `pkg-config ...` statements with correct flags for gcc. There is just one Makefile and it is about 60 lines, so editing it by hand should not be too painful.

Once you have all required packages reachable, run configure script to create Makefile. For example;

 $ ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/leevi --enable-libusb-1 \
   --with-zlib=/usr/local/zlib \
   --enable-pulseaudio --enable-portaudio --enable-alsa --enable-oss

If you want to use libusb-0.x instead of libusb-1.x, use --enable-libusb-0 instead of --enable-libusb-1. --enable-oss is good to specify, OSS is used as a last fallback if all other sound systems fails to initialize.

When configure script completes, install the program and data files with make;

 $ make
 $ make install

After that, please check Leevi's configuration at PREFIX/etc/leevi.conf and tailor it if necessary. PREFIX is the directory you specified for --prefix parameter. It is also possible to run Leevi without Lexicon's reverberation device by enabling usb_library_emulated in Leevi's configuration.

If you want to uninstall Leevi, just type;

 $ make uninstall

And installation of Leevi will be reverted.